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    How Make made iPads
    a practical solution for
    Australian schools

    Australian schools are investing in entire classrooms
    worth of iPads, which creates a problem…

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    World class manufacturing
    on your door step

    We provide a detailed project plan that includes specific
    key objectives and timelines for each design phase.

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    Three generations
    of satisfied clients

    We've been setting the benchmark for
    Australian manufacturers for the past 6 decades.

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    Product Lifecycle
    is the key to
    green manufacturing

    Every product we finish incorporates enviromentally
    friendly manufacturing processes, materials & finishes

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    Breathing life
    into great ideas

    R&D, quality control, RoHS compliant, workplace safety, stock control, turn around time, advanced manufacturing techniques, automation and pricing are just some of the reasons why many organisations are returning to Australian manufacturing.

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    Take 5 minutes
    to complete a
    Make design brief

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